Westhill Corporate Finance

Webdesign / Corporate

Corporate Design / Webdesign for City of London based Corporate Finance Firm.

Dr. LeWinn’s

Packaging, Advertising

Redesign of packaging and on- and offline advertising for Australian skincare company Dr Lewinns.

Fighting Fifty

Branding, Web design

Branding and Web design for London based online community of likeminded women who are also challenging the outdated image of a woman over fifty.
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Four Marketing

Thumbnail image for Four Marketing

I just love the subtle effect of the gold foil, the metallic pantone and this beautiful stock.

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Thumbnail image for Londinium

“Londinium” Exhibition Catalogue, Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery London

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The Art of Ampilatwatja

Thumbnail image for The Art of Ampilatwatja

Exhibition Catalogue “The Art of Ampilatwatja” Aboriginal Art, Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery London

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Robert La Roche Book

Thumbnail image for Robert La Roche Book

Robert La Roche Foto Documentation. 208 pages Foto-book printed on Alterna Design Paper with nice open binding.

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Green Panther

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Green Panther is the most renowned annual styrian award for advertising and design.

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MP09 Booklet

Thumbnail image for MP09 Booklet

Booklet about Design Center MP09. The Layout was focusing on the building’s elaborate silhuette, interior and furniture design.

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MP09 Brochure

Thumbnail image for MP09 Brochure

Marketing Brochure for lease of office space and function rooms.

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Luffup Website

luffup website

Corporate website with joomla backend showing luffup’s work.

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Musu Musu

Thumbnail image for Musu Musu

Corporate design for fair trade fashion label musu musu from Stefanel Italy. Unfortunately proposal only.

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RLR Booklet

Thumbnail image for RLR Booklet

Robert La Roche summer collection brochure.

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RLR En Route

Thumbnail image for RLR En Route

Once again Robert La Roche was on a journey. This time the RLR Team was going along with Austrian Band Monk on their concert tour to Switzerland.

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Thumbnail image for Lovelybooks

Flyers and bookmarks for a german reader’s internet community.   Design, Concept, Direction: Alfried Borkenstein Illustration: Peter Stubics

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Schwarzfunk packaging

Thumbnail image for Schwarzfunk packaging

Schwarzfunk is for young and cool people. No happy glossy major telephone providers style! Original rough and trashy DIY style!

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Schwarzfunk Commercial

Thumbnail image for Schwarzfunk Commercial

Posters and Television spot for telephone company schwarzfunk. The one and only rate which gives you a green sock. Rough over-exposed trashstyle again!

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Uboot advertisements

Thumbnail image for Uboot advertisements

Posters, ads and spot for uboot internetcommunity. This community’s users always have been very eccentric.

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GS Architects

Thumbnail image for GS Architects

Website for austrian gs architects.

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Watu Canee

Thumbnail image for Watu Canee

One of Watu Canee’s legendary and rare appearences on television. Here he talks about paradigms and breaking rules.

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Thumbnail image for Do4print

Corporate Design for a company offering a platform for optimization, organisation and delivery of letters.

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Thumbnail image for Wundertüte

Design for Techno-party. My aim was to create a party identity standing out from stereotype dark unhuman machinery techno worlds.

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RLR Lookbook

Thumbnail image for RLR Lookbook

Robert La Roche look book. Snapshots of smokey scenes showing people in intimate surroundings. Living for the moment with maximum joy.

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